photo of timber preservation case study work

Timber Preservation Case Study

The Problem

The former Post Office in Brook Street, Broughty Ferry had wet rot in the timber beam that spanned the total shop front.

This was caused by the ingress of water, and this problem had been rectified. The beam wasn’t rotted through, but structural engineers recommended that the beam be removed and replaced in steel. Alternatively, a steel beam could be inserted to support the affected timber beam.

Both remedies would result in the closure of the Post Office, with a consequent loss of revenue.

In addition, the beam was positioned above the original ceiling and a new suspended ceiling. Both of these would have to be removed in order to insert the new steel support beam.

The Solution

Intona came up with the idea of inserting the steel beam through a hole in the roof. The hole only needed to be large enough to allow the steel to pass through.

Prior to inserting the support beam, the affected timber was pressure treated with fungicidal fluid.

Pad stone supports had been set on the internal masonry to carry the bearing ends of the new beam.

The beam was lifted by hand onto scaffolding and through the hole. It was then carefully set on the pad stones.

Finally, the old timber beam was tied into the new steel support to complete the reinforcing operation, and the access hole built up and sealed.

The Result

The structural problem was entirely resolved without the need for major downtakings.

The experience and ingenuity of the Intona team reduced disruption to the absolute minimum. Financially, it resulted in a double bonus. Retaining the existing ceilings meant the cost of the contract was much cheaper than expected. It also meant the shop remained open and takings were unaffected.

Survey & Preparation

photo of Survey & Preparation

When you discover you have a problem, contact our admin staff, who will arrange for a surveyor to call at a time convenient for you.

The surveyor will visit. carry out an inspection of the problem, determine the cause (if possible) and prepare a report detailing the problem, the solution and cost. The surveyor will be willing to discuss the content of the report at any time.

On acceptance of our quotation, we will arrange a start date and keep you informed throughout the process so that you don't get any nasty surprises.

Work in Progress

photo of Work in Progress

Timber treatment will create some disturbance to the building. This can create some dust and mess, but our team will keep this to a minimum, and clear everything away nightly and at the contract completion.

If there's a need to use chemical treatments, the area will be isolated. The fluids used are water based and, in most cases, entry to the area is safe after 1 hour.


photo of Completion

A final inspection of the works will be carried out by the survveyor or contracts co-ordinator, and any snagging items rectified. In most cases, we will ask the client to sign a certificate of satisfaction. On satisfactory completion of the contract, we will issue our invoice followed by our guarantee on full payment.

"I was really worried, but Intona came to the rescue. They did a great job - on time and on budget!"

We will be delighted to consider tendering for any contract with the client being assured of a competitive tender. Contact Intona today for a competitive quotation