photo of asbestos services case study work

Asbestos Services Case Study

The Problem

Intona carried out a pre-demolition survey on behalf of the National Health Service at the former Ashludie hospital building in Monifieth, Angus.

This involved a full disruptive inspection to all areas and wards of the hospital. All pipe ducts running between the wards and boiler rooms were examined, including those in roof spaces and below floors.

The Result

The survey was completed in approximately four weeks and allowed the demolition contractor to price for the works.

Our report also provided the contractor with the information they needed when preparing their health & safety plan for the project.

Survey & Preparation

photo of Survey & Preparation

When you think you may have an asbestos-related problem, our surveyor will investigate and confirm (after sample analysis) what is found. We think it's important that we are honest with you so that you understand the extent of the problem. A detailed report on dealing with this problem will be issued.

The surveyor will be available to discuss any issues you may have relating to the report.

A survey fee is charged, calculated on the size of the property involved. There is also a fee for samples taken and analysed at the laboratory.

Intona are the only UKAS accredited asbestos surveying company in Tayside, Angus and Perth, and one of less than 25 in the whole of Scotland.

Work in Progress

photo of Work in Progress

To carry our a comprehensive check for asbestos-containing materials, we may have to open up some areas of the property. This can create some dust and mess, but our team will keep this to a minimum, and clear everything away when complete.

In exceptional cases, the client may have to vacate the premises for a few days for their own safety, but we'll try to avoid that wherever possible.


photo of Completion

When the survey is complete, we will provide you with a full report. Should you wish, we can explain everything and answer any questions you might have. and discuss it with you.

If asbestos is found, we will inform you as to the extent and nature of it. It may be that the type of asbestos found will require to be removed by a licenced contractor. Our company can arrange this for you.

Not all asbestos has to be removed. If the material is in good condition and not disturbed, the client has the option to control and manage it. This can be discussed with our staff.

"When asbestos was mentioned, all sorts of concerns flooded my mind. Intona's survey let me know exactly what the position was."

We will be delighted to consider tendering for any contract with the client being assured of a competitive tender. Contact Intona today for a competitive quotation