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Insurance work

If you have the misfortune of having to deal with insurance claims due to flood or fire damage, or any other claims you may be experiencing, get in touch with us and we can help resolve these issues.

Intona offer reliable domestic building work insurance solutions for our clients. What do you do when you experience loss through flooding, fire, criminal damage, or any other reason? The first point of call is to call your insurer. In response, the insurer would normally ask you for quotes. Our company can provide you with a comprehensive report and costs for the attention of your insurance company.

Fire Damage

Several million homes are affected by fire damage every year, resulting in millions of pounds in insurance claims. Today, many goods and materials can be effectively restored, usually on location, which in the past would have been discarded and replaced.

What we can offer

A fire in your home or business is a major disaster, a large amount of items need to be repaired and replaced, without an accurate report, it would be next to impossible to know what will be repaired and how it will be repaired. At Intona we have experts that are certified in fire and smoke damage restoration.

Flood damage

At Intona, we specialize in the repair and reinstatement of flood damaged properties. Floods are typically either from an external source such as a river or heavy rainfall or from an internal source, commonly termed an escape of water. The various sources of water in a flood demand different repair methods. Intona are familiar with all types of flooding and the appropriate building repair methods required.

You will be in safe hands by appointing Intona. Although we are completely independent, we will work with your Loss Assessor if you have appointed one and your insurers appointed Loss Adjuster to ensure your property is properly reinstated. We will work with you throughout the entire claim.

We take away the stress of dealing with the repair of your property. We will liaise with the loss adjuster, monitor the drying works and sort out all contractor matters from the day the flood occurred right through to moving back into your property.