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Like all who publish information on the web, we are concerned that we can trust our users AND that our users can trust our web site.

Our web site includes many security features, all of which are designed to safeguard the information they store and provide. Your own computer system should therefore be unaffected by your use of our web site.

Unfortunately, its a fact of life that no system can ever be entirely immune from penetration by the ‘baddies’ of this world. If hackers can break into the CIA and NASA, they can get into anything. Nonetheless, we are not complacent and our web site includes countermeasures that will protect against attack by all but the most determined of attackers. However, if we are subjected to a significant attack, we cannot accept liability for the consequences of actions by the perpetrators.

It is also possible that ‘baddies’ could try to send you malware via an email that claims to come from us. Please treat all emails with suspicion – particularly if they include an attachment or links to web sites that you don’t know about. We normally only send emails to those who register with us. If we do send you an email, the visual style and the content should make it recognisable as ours. If an email which claims to come from us doesn’t seem to be right, don’t open any attachments or follow any links. You may, if you wish, contact us to check whether we have sent you a message. We’ll be happy to co-operate with you.

We do store some personal data about registered users. If you have registered with our web site, we may contact you, but only using the email address that you provided. Thus, if anyone ever does approach you in any other way, you can be sure that they do not represent us.

There is no charge for using our web site. Even if we do contact you, we will never ask for personal data or any other information relating to your property, finances or other information UNLESS it is related to a relationship that already exists between us. Please be careful not to disclose any information that might prejudice your security.