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Asbestos Services

Intona began to offer their asbestos services in 2005 with Ron Mitchell and Ross Duguid going through the relevant training and certification. This allowed the company to carry out surveying and bulk sampling for its customers. To help cope with demand, a further two members of our technician work force have since been trained as surveyors.

This increase in demand for surveys has come from a range of customers, including district councils, building surveyors, solicitors, etc.

Technicians were then trained up to HSE standards and certification to carry out unlicensed asbestos removal such as cement sheeting, floor tiles, Artex coatings and many other low hazard tasks.

We offer two categories of survey services:

  • Management Survey - This is a non-disruptive inspection with samples taken where possible. This allows the client to choose whether to remove or manage any asbestos-containing material (A.C.M.) that is found in the property.
  • Refurbishment / Demolition Survey - This survey is an "in-depth" inspection with all areas to be inspected with full exposure work (in the case of demolition) and areas affected on a refurbishment (i.e. walls, ceilings, floors, etc.). These surveys give any contractor confidence to commence work without fear of contamination to their workforce or customers.
  • UKAS accreditation. Intona has recently completed a rigorous process of assessment, including a full audit of their systems and surveying techniques, and in return for its efforts has been awarded the International Standard ISO 17020 UKAS accreditation (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) for its asbestos surveying service. This is a very prestigious accreditation and this is the internationally recognized asbestos surveying standard. It is an indication of the high quality of service we provide to our customers. Intona are the only UKAS accredited asbestos surveying company in Tayside, Angus and Perth, and one of less than 25 in the whole of Scotland.

The company has no boundaries as far as offering these services is concerned, as we have carried out contracts throughout Scotland, in England and France.

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What To Look For

Asbestos has been used in countless products - electric light fittings, toilet seats & cisterns, electrical fuses, floor and ceiling tiles, decorative coatings to name only a few.

It's impossible for the layman to be absolutely sure whether asbestos is present in a product. If any any doubt, the best - and safest - plan is to call in an expert.

How We Fix It

In reality, every job is different, and it would be wrong to suggest that a standard approach can be taken.

When you contact us, our surveyors will visit the affected property and carry out a detailed inspection and prepare a full written report. we’ll then discuss what needs to be done and explain how we will approach the task. Our prime concern is to reassure everyone concerned that we will give absolute priority to safety.

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